National Park Durmitor

National park Durmitor was accepted as a World Heritage site in 1980, a paradise for mountaineers and nature lovers with unparalleled beauty and incredible diversity.

This remarkable landscape covers 39, 000 hectares, consists of 18 glacial lakes, 3 canyons, 748 natural water springs, trees more than 400 years old, sights with ancient tombstones, caves both (natural and ice) plus much much more. The richness of its flora and fauna brings life to an incredible ecosystem of plant species and wildlife unseen anywhere in the world.

Durmitor Mountains have 50 peaks above 2000m, 27 above 2200m and the highest peak of Montenegro Bobotov Kuk sitting at 2523m. This climb is not for the fainthearted ending in the breathtaking experience of mountains meeting the sky, you will literally find your head in the clouds. At this height Durmitor is snow covered for approx 120 days of every year and winter can be harsh reaching temperatures of -25c. The long term erosion from ice and water over the years allows Durmitor to forever change in beauty and shape boasting unpredictable charm and vibrant seasonal beauty! With over 2000m of marked hiking trails within the National Park are trails for all fitness levels each as breathtaking as the next!

National Park Durmitor lays home to Tara Canyon the second deepest canyon in the world, at 1300m, and is an unbelievably beautiful part of Northern Montenegro, a sight that is not to be missed. Tara River, referred to as the ‘The tear of Europe’ with its blue/green crystal waters, unpolluted and full of life stretches a length 140km through Monenegro and parts of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Crossing Tara River lies Djurdjevica Tara Bridge which at its time of completion was the largest vehicular arch bridge in Europe.

The city of Zabljak lies just outside the borders of the National park and  is the highest urban conglomerate in Europe sitting at 1456m high. At this height Zabljak has both a Mediterranean and Alpine climates. Getting to Zabljak is extremely easy from anywhere in Montenegro, connected by the main road (via Niksic) a short 3-4 hours journey from the Adriatic coast to National Park Durmitor will not disappoint.